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Charlie Punter

Club President

Catherine Nunn


Emma Williams

Social Secretary

Guy Elder

Senior Men's Captain

James Foster

Novice Men's Captain

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Aengus Allen


Jess Hilliar


Henry Pearson

Kit, Media and Alumni Officer

Lucy Swithenbank

Senior Women's Captain

George Wells

Novice Women's Captain

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Each committee member (excluding the Squad Manager) is elected annually; voted for by club members present at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Each candidate must be nominated by another member, with one more to second the nomination (nominators must make a short speech, seconders do not). On the day, everyone will get a chance to speak, explaining why they are running for their chosen position. There will be a popular vote on all running candidates, in which you can only vote if you attend the AGM. 

Additionally, the AGM allows for any changes to the club’s constitution, often acting on suggestions from members.

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