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Autumn Update

The 2017/18 season has started well, with a successful recruitment campaign at freshers fayre, collectively signing up around 200 students for taster sessions; similar to the efforts of last year.

All squads are working hard; the novices are learning lots in the water sessions and at the technical group erg sessions, and the seniors are working on syncing up on on the water before they head to their first races of the season.

Senior squads had intended to go to the City of Bristol Head, however, the race was unfortunately cancelled due to a lack of entries. Fours Head was another race we would've liked to attend, however, due to logistical difficulties we were not able to do so. The next races are, therefore, Wallingford Head for our Seniors, and Bristol Uni Head for all squads, both of these take place at the end of this month. Novice squads will also attend the Welsh Indoor Rowing Championships with hopes of emulating the great success we had last year.

With the aid of Sport Swansea, we have also been able to purchase two refurbished Janousek pair/doubles. Both boats have already been put to good use, helping both senior squads to develop patience in the stroke and other useful small boat skills that can be transferred into the eights.

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