This weekend brought our second race of the year, this time in Bristol with representatives racing from all squads.

In division one we had the senior crews racing, starting with the senior men's 8 competing in intermediate 8s. Overall they had a good race, getting into some decent rhythm and making a big improvement on Wallingford. Their only drawback was getting caught in wash for the final 250m, overall a good platform to build on. Results put them 3rd in MInt8+ just 1 second off joint winners and the equivalent of 4th in MCh8+.

The senior women's crews also had some strong performances in division one. The WCh4x had a solid first half a generally together and confident performance considering the one training session they'd had together. Unfortunately, however, a technical fault in the last third of the race inhibited them from making any time up from this point. However, they still managed to come home with an impressive 3rd in their category. The Wint4+ came 5th overall, a positive result for the squad and something which puts them in a good position leading into the rest of the season.

In division two we had a MInt2- and a men and women's Nov8+ racing. The MInt2- was the first of our crews to race down, already feeling it due to misjudging where the start line was they managed to put in a good shift and came 4th overall, a good start to this sideline project the boys have been working on.

The second boat to come down was the MNov8+, an exciting day for our novices as this was their first race, and first opportunity to see how they compare against the rest of the field, as well as Cardiff. The boys had a good run, putting into practice all the things they'd learn with Steve and Novice Men's Captain, Will, on and off the water. They completed the course in 4:46.8 which put them 8th out of 15 and just 1.4 seconds off Cardiff; not a bad result at all.

The novice women also did very well overcoming a faulty seat and rigger to put down a great time of 5:19.6; 12.5 seconds up on their rivals, and 6th overall in WNov8+. A very good result for this early on in their rowing careers and something they were all pretty satisfied with.

Overall, the head could be regarded as a success for the club, putting us in a good position to build upon these results over the winter, and come back fitter, stronger, and faster in the new year.

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