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An update from Head of the Trent

This past weekend we sent five crews up to chilly Nottingham to compete in the Head of the Trent, with an aim of gathering some extra racing practice before Head of the River and, of course, Varsity.

Our novies took on the winding 4km course, with the boys finishing second in their category and just 4 seconds off the winners, a healthy result and one to put them in a good position coming in to the run up for Varsity. Our girls had a tough week, with one of the selected crew members falling ill just a couple days prior to the race, and a stressful cox box malfunction on the day! However, they still managed to pull it off, finishing an impressive 4th in their category.

Our seniors had the pleasure of embarking on the slightly longer 6km stretch; a good distance to race on given that their next races are HORR and WEHORR. The men came down first, successfully executing the race plan and 'protecting the run' as their main focus of the past few weeks training had been. The results put them second in their category, which they were pleased with. Next, was the turn of the women, with the quad coming down first. They had a solid race keeping it clean and tidy throughout, culminating in a 5th place finish in W.B2.4x-. The final senior crew to come down was the Senior Women's four. They stormed down the course giving it some real beans into the hard headwind, and it ultimately paid off. They won their category by a convincing margin (of over a minute), a great result and a great end to the weekend.

The next race for the seniors is the respective Head of the River race, an exciting event, and something to look forward to.

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