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Henley Women's Regatta

Our Senior Women entered the Development Coxed Fours category at Henley Women's Regatta; they had a cracking time trial but missed out qualifying for the side by side rounds by the narrow margin of 0.5 seconds, making them the fastest non qualifiers.

The girls wound up well from the start and settled into their stride and rhythm well . Through the middle 1000m the girls showed they deserved to be there closing in on the Bristol crew they were chasing and pushing away from the Cardiff University crew following them. They had a consistent, relentless, powerful stride throughout the race, with each single crew member giving everything they had and then a bit more. The finish was taken up with 300m to go as they entered the Upper Thames enclosure, with everything being laid out right there, there was no holding back.

They carried the Swansea University name with pride. Henley Women’s Regatta brought together what has been the best year thus far of captaining the Senior Women's squad. The girls in the boat represented more than just themselves they represented a full squad behind them, unrelenting dedication to training and each other, and further, a club ethos of support and passion for the sport and the club with many members coming and cheering the girls on. It further ignited the excitement brewing in SURC for the potential of coming seasons.

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