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Ladies Day 2019

In light of it being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, on the 2nd of October, the Senior women competed in the annual Ladies Day hosted by the University and the Students Union – a charity event to raise money for CoppaFeel; the first breast cancer charity in the UK to solely create awareness amongst young people.

Ladies Day is a tournament style competition where the university’s sports clubs gather a team of 10 and battle it out in a range of different events, with the aim of bringing home the gold.

First up was tag rugby in which the women beat Lacrosse a respectable 2-1 victory, followed by a loss in the 3-legged race against Athletics. This resulted in two team members getting over-excited and falling flat onto the track - they didn’t gain any points, but they did gain a few bruises. High Jump seemed to prove that having long legs doesn’t always mean you can jump high, and as expected the girls lost this round. But from here-on-in, the women went on to win volleyball by a 9-point margin, as well as a win in dodgeball & bench ball. Lastly was football, with the outcome being a narrow loss – rather good considering it was against the actual university football team.

In order to make the next round, the women had to compete in a tie-breaker against lacrosse, which was unfortunately high jump. However, despite their performances earlier in the day, the women managed to work their way into the semi-final.

The semi-final was a game of Ultimate Frisbee against netball who, unsurprisingly, beat the women. This mean the next round was the 3rd/4th place playoff. The women ended up placing 3rd after easily beating the Athletics team in tug of war.

Having come second to last in the previous year, and rowers generally not being renowned for their coordination skills, the women were very proud to come 3rd place. Hopefully squashing the stigma that rowers can't do other sports other than rowing. Overall, it was a very fun filled day for all, with the added bonus of raising awareness for breast cancer.

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