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Monmouth Autumn Head 2019

Monmouth was the setting for the the Senior Women's first race of the year. The women were keen and ready to get their first race under their belt and set themselves up for the year, as well as earn some important race experience.

The first division of the day saw the 4+ take on the 2,250Km course. With a mix of old and new seniors, the girls put in a strong consistent performance bagging second in the rankings with a time of 7:50.1.

With the wind picking up, the 8+ and 4- boated and the 2nd Division started. Both crews had to battle the weather, and show their grit to get down the course, both finishing in respectable times, with the 4- getting the second fastest women's boat of the day. The 8+ came home in a time of 7:31.6. The crew were pleased with the performance with club secretary Catherine Nunn saying "For a such a mixed boat containing new and returning seniors the girls outstanding commitment to get the very most out of the performance. This race was an excellent stepping stone to kickstart our 2019/20 campaign."

The final division thankfully saw calmer conditions for the 2-'s, the solid start of the race, consistent middle and strong finish saw a 1st and 2nd win for Swansea’s women, and a great end to some tough racing on the River Wye. Monmouth RC always put on great race events and we will definitely be returning to Monmouth for some more exhilarating racing this season.

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